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Mystery Bag????

Mystery Bag????

from 13.00

Mystery Bags are great! You don’t have to decide on a thing, and I get to put together a lil care package for you! (You can let me know if you have specific requirements, ie ‘no candy plz!’ or ‘I am afraid of clowns!’, or give me a mood such as ‘galaxy’ or ‘witch’ or ‘the woods’ etc via email or message.)

Small: Guaranteed one pin and something ~~~extra~~~; a hand-made sticker, patch, or something weirder? A small painting or ink drawing? Who knows! These get made/put together to order, special for you.

Large: Guaranteed at least one pin; will also have something extra like listed above, and another, and another… This is a great option if you have a particular idea in mind, or if you want to give it to someone weird as a gift.

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